(Last Minute) Good Gifts for Good Travellers in Your Life

As we wait patiently for international travel to kick back into gear, why not treat your fellow good travellers (or yourself!) to a nifty gift. From online experiences, tools you didn’t know you needed until you had one, excellent travel reads – here’s our 2020 top 10 good gifts.

 1. Sim or SD Card Holder

Who hasn’t lost a foreign SIM card in the depths of a backpack? Or a SD card filled with gorgeous photos. A card holder helps keep track of those tiny, little cards in a wallet. 

Source: Etsy

2. LifeStraw Water Bottle

The Good Tourism team swears by our Lifestraw water bottles. These help us drink water safely in any corner or any destination of the world and reduce plastic use. Its built-in filtration system removes 99.9% of all of the bad stuff in contaminated water.

Source: LifeStraw

3. Face Masks with your name on it 

Faces masks are here to stay, why not have a luxe one? Order on Etsy or somewhere similar and get your name embroidered or bedazzled. 

Source: Etsy


4. Polaroid Instax

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of travel are the connections we make. A great way to capture those connections is by sharing a polaroid – and there’s just something about holding pictures in your hand. 

Natasha in Kurdistan sharing polaroids.

5. Preppi First Aid Kit

Seriously stylish safety. Check out their range of kits. We’re head over heels for them.

Source: Preppi

6. Leatherman

Every traveller needs a Leatherman multi-tool (and the presence of mind to always pack it in checked luggage).

Source: Leatherman

7. Black Diamond Headlamp

Whether it’s a power outage, or a night under the stars – we keep one of these on hand for every trip.

Source: Black Diamond

8. Airbnb Online Experience

Airbnb has a whole section of online experiences for social impact. 100% of the cost of these goes directly to the NGO hosting the experience. Our favourite of course, BeTreed in Cambodia. Bonus you don’t have to wait for delivery!

Source: Airbnb

9. A Great Travel Book 

Hard copy or audio, these are a few of our favourites from this year:

  • Stronghold by Tucker Malarkey
  • Lost Pianos of Siberia by Sophy Roberts
  • Turbulence by David Szalzay


10. Little Passports 

We sometimes forget about our little ones who don’t always get to join in on adventures. Little Passport‘s subscription boxes are for the curious nieces and nephews who watch you whiz around the world with envy.

Source: Little Passports